Aluminum & Glass Systems

AKARI System


Akari is a unique system of sliding doors and windows that offer designs with smooth lines and smooth curves, to achieve a modern and harmonious with the environment, allowing more light and freshness in your home.
It has excellent performance, allowing the doors and windows to glide through a unique bearing system.
Due to the double plush and EPDM rubber gasket *, has superior resistance to factors such as wind, dust and water.
This type of window frames with sliding lattice, which may be placed inside (recommended) without obstructing water drainage space.
* EPDM Rubber: It has an excellent performance against the intermperie and is immune to the harmful rays of the sun.
An EPDM gasket is not damaged by the temperature changes compared with PVC plastic packaging.
Types of Windows:
AKARI 6025
It is a sliding window that offers great aesthetics.
AKARI 6030
It is a versatile system, by having larger profiles. Because this can be windows or sliding doors to suit your needs.
AKARI 8040
It has heavier profiles, which Hoce it a special sliding door larger spaces.
  • natural
  • Champagne *
  • Bronze moss
  • Dark Bronze *
  • black
  • White *
  • Simulation Wood *
  • Inox
* These finishes are manufactured only under special orders.